These are all my personal and professional writing, recording, mixing and mastering projects.  Everything here was done in my home studio.  I took these projects from start to finish.

Becca Levy – Arranged/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered/Performed Piano/Organ On Living On A Prayer.  Performed on Fix You.

Co-wrote “Fuel”
by Marty Walsh
Cowrote “Inside The Rain”
by Marty Walsh
Performed keyboards on “Feeling Free”
by Marty Walsh
Performed keyboards on “The Duke”
by Marty Walsh
Performed keyboards on “Back Pages”
by Marty Walsh
Performed organ on “Friend of Africa”
by Steve Kercher
Cowrote “How Cool is That”
by Dean McTaggart
Performed piano on “Meet The Rain”
by James Carlson
Cowrote “It’s Our Time”
by Krystal Polychronis
featuring Juliette Goglia
Arranged/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered/Performed Piano/Strings on “First Cut”
Performed Piano/Organ on “We Can’t Be Moved”
By Jayna Lininger
Arranged/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered/Performed Piano/Strings
on “My Immortal”
by Becca Levy
Performed Piano/Organ on “Right Now”
By Becca Levy

Performed Piano, Organ, and Strings on “Hear Me”
by Kerry Kelley