My Resume

Multi-instrumentalist, Recording-Mixing Engineer, Composer, Producer, Musical Director, Tutor.


Private Piano Lessons from age 6.  Haverhill High School music dept.  Northern Essex Community College music major.  Berklee College of Music.  Studied under Charlie Banacos in 2009.


2002-Present – BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) member.

Write/Record/Produce music for Television.  Current shows featuring my music include “Access Hollywood”, “Dr. 90210”, “Daily 10” and various other television shows.


2002-Present – Teacher – Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin, Music Theory, Songwriting, Audio Recording/Mixing/Mastering.

Creating fun, informative, and personalized lesson plans, learning and notating songs students’ request.

2002-Present – Performer – Various performances as a Solo Pianist and with numerous bands.

2003-Present – Studio Musician – Worked on hundreds of recordings with some great studio musicians such as John Robinson Jr., Abraham Laboriel, and Marty Walsh.

2006-Present – Recording Engineer – Worked in or with several studios.  Fluent in the process and with software such as Pro-Tools, Cubase, Logic, etc.

2008-Present – Musical Director – Guided bands and Jam sessions for various clients and DeAngelis Studio in Haverhill.

2008-Present – Mixing Engineer – Worked with several clients with varying styles to get a professional mix of their music.

2008-Present – Mastering Engineer – Taken hundreds of final mixes through the mastering process.

2008-Present – Songwriter – Over 50 successfully placed instrumental cues in television published by Iron Mike Entertainment.  Several client funded original projects.


 Born  in  Hollywood  California, the son  of  a  successful  studio  musician,  I  grew  up  with  the  industry  all around  me.   I began studying  music  at  the age of  6  and  knew  I  was  going  to  join  the  profession  when  I wrote my first song at the age of 12.
From  then  on  I  absorbed  everything  I  could  about  every  instrument  I  could  get  my  hands  on,  every  facet  of  music  theory,  and every  facet  of  the  ever changing  industry.
I’ve  performed  a  multitude  of  styles  from  pop  to  jazz  to  funk  to Celtic.
I’ve  recorded, mixed, and mastered  hundreds  of  projects  (professional  and personal).  I’ve  charted  countless chord  charts,  lead  sheets,  piano  sheet music,  guitars/bass/ukulele/banjo/mandolin  tabs  and  notation, drum parts,  full  band  and  full  orchestra  arrangements. Further more, I’ve taught both private  and  group  lessons for nearly a decade.
My  father  once  said  to  me  “You  have  to  do  at  least  5  different  jobs  to make  it  in  the  music  industry.”    I  do  18.
  • I  teach  6  different  instruments.
  • I  teach  music  theory  (7),
  • audio  recording  (8),
  • mixing  (9),
  • and  mastering  (10).
  • I  play  solo  piano  gigs  (11)
  • and  multiple  instruments  in  bands  (12).
  • I  direct  bands  at  my local music studio currently and  in  the  past  for  other  clients  (13).
  • I  arrange  music  for  clients  (14).
  • I  run  a  home  recording  studio  (15).
  • I  write  music  for  television  (16).
  • I  notate  and  tab  sheet  music  for  clients  and  students  (17).
  • I  write  and  self-publish  music  books  (18).
I’m  a  man  of  many  hats.   Let  me  know  which  one  I  need.