Sheet Music Services

Whether you need a complex part notated for your band or orchestra, or you just need an easy reading version of your students favorite Taylor Swift song, I’m the one to get it done. The problem with sheet music today is that half of what you find on the internet is just wrong, or far too complicated for beginners, or not the actual instrumental part of the song. The “user created” sites are by far the worst. This is because most who upload to them are not professionals. See a couple examples below of tab and chord charts I found next to my correct versions.

Musicnotes and sheetmusicdirect are very accurate since it’s professionals creating and selling the sheet music. However, rarely does it provide ACTUAL piano parts of the song. Most of them are arranged in a Solo Pianists approach. Meaning, they put the melody in the piano part. If you’re in a band or you plan on singing with the song, this becomes a problem. See a couple examples of purchased sheet music from reputable sites next to my ACTUAL piano sheet music for the parts.


With clearly marked sections and appropriate usage of repeats and DS al Codas, I can create clear 1-2 page charts for your own personal gig binder as Chord Charts, Lead Sheets, or Lead Sheets with Harmonies.

Does your student need a large font easy reading version of their favorite song?

Need someone to tab out that guitar, bass, uke, banjo, or mandolin part?

Need  a  full  band  or  orchestral  arrangement  of  an  original  or  obscure  song?